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  • Abzhanova, Sh.А.; Berdigaliuly, S.; Baimaganbetova, U. (Almaty technological university, 2014)
    This article shows the increase of the role of preventive nutrition in ecological situation, which is aimed at strengthening the protective powers of organism as well as at the reduce of the risk of the influence of ...
  • Abzhanova, Sh.А.; Baibolova, L.K.; Matibayeva, A. I.; Zhetpisbaeva, B.Sh.; Rskeldiev, B.A.; Mukhtarkhanova, R.B. (Almaty technological university, 2017)
    This article describes the development of the technology of multi-component brine from soy and pumpkin juice. To create a new recipe sausages and meat semi-finished products used supplements that have a beneficial effect ...
  • Asangalieva, Zh.; Iztaev, AI.; Shaimerdenova, D.A.; Abzhanova, Sh.А. (Almaty technological university, 2015)
    The Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the three grain countries in the CIS. The total area of agricultural land in the country is 86 million hectares, of which 21.9 million hectares are arable lands. According to statistics, ...
  • Abzhanova, Sh.А.; Bulambayeva, A.A.; Zhetpisbaeva, B.Sh.; Kozhakhiyeva, M.O.; Matibayeva, A.I.; Serikkyzy, M.S.; Rskeldiev, B.A. (Almaty technological university, 2018)
    The purpose of this research was to study the impact of a vegetableprotein composition on the functional and technological properties of national meat products. The paper showed the modern ways to improve the quality and ...
  • Abzhanova, Sh.А.; Abilmazhinova, N.K.; Tayeva, A.M.; Baybolova, L.K.; Mukhtarkhanova, R.B. (Almaty technological university, 2015)
    The food - one of the most important factors of communication of the person with environment. However the sharp deterioration of an ecological situation connected with technical progress affected quality of the food consumed ...

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